Trusted Use Frameworks Working Group (TFWG)

The Trusted Use Frameworks Working Group (TFWG) has completed its primary work product, a white paper titled, "Recommendations for Building and Maintaining Trust in Clinical Decision Support Knowledge Artifacts." The TFWG was chaired by Dr. Blackford Middleton and co-chaired by Drs. Jodyn Platt and Joshua Richardson, and included a volunteer multi-stakeholder group that identified:

  • 12 key actors for trust
  • 9 key areas of focus for trust ("trust attributes"); and
  • 33 recommendations for each trust attribute.

The investigation into ways trust can promote shareable knowledge via clinical decision support represents a novel investigation into a new area of informatics research. The authors describe areas of future work around trust including the need for privacy and security as well as rating scales for trust in CDS artifacts.