Overview of Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

Overview of Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, Introduction of Queens High School for the Sciences, Queens High School for the Sciences Admission Process, Queens High School for the Sciences Admission Form Important dates

Introduction of Queens High School

The New York Council of Education operates Queens High School Senior for Sciences at York University, a public magnet, specialized middle school in New York that concentrates on math and science.

The school, along with City College’s School for Math, Science, and Technology and Manhattan College’s School of American Studies, opened in 2002. The Nationwide Collaboration for Special Secondary Schools of Math, Engineering, and Technologies includes Queen’s High School for the Sciences at York College.

The high school of the Sciences is ranked fourth in New York. The Advanced Placement workforce participation at York School for the Science is 100%. 94 percent of individuals are members of a minority population, and 61 percent are economically disadvantaged. York University’s Queens Secondary College is among the city’s 520 high schools.

Ranking of this School

The National Rankings places Queen’s School of the Science at York College at 25th position. This school has got 2nd place in New York City High Schools, 3rd positions in high schools in the York City, NY Metro Area in the area o off New York City Schools High Schools, there are two positions available. STEM Schools have 248 opportunities.

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Academics of this School

Students can use York College’s bookshop, canteen, and gymnasium as part of an agreement between the institution and York University. It lies on the top floor of the university’s academic building.

Overview of Queens High School for the Sciences

As one of its course syllabi, Queens School again for Sciences emphasizes science and math. The Regents and Advanced Placement tests are an integral part of the curriculum, as well as the university consistently producing a few of the best test results in the country. To qualify with a New York Governor’s diploma, QHSSYC, as a New York City Council of Training school, requires 44 credits. New York City establishes the Advanced Governors Diploma criteria.


A wide range of extracurriculars are available at the university, including various groups and several football clubs. Because most of these clubs are brand new, they may change from year to year. QHSS Magicians, QHSS Songs Makers, Plays A key, Prototype UN, Mechatronics Club, American Association, Veritas Literature Publication, Humanitarian Groups, Esports Club,

Sex role Sexuality Alliance, No Place For Blind hatred, Club, Muslim Student Union, Cardinal FOSS, Red Cross, Environmental Team, and QHSS Psychologist Club are just a few of the clubs available.

Insights of this School

York School’s Queens School for both the Sciences combines the closeness of a tiny school with the educational offerings and resources of a campus. Students get opportunities to partner on research studies with York University academics.

Queens Sci is among specialized functional secondary schools on a CUNY site where “teachers know their students,” according to Assistant Principal Darlene Dobbs. We saw teachers coaching small sets of three youngsters during a tour for interested parents.

Students of various ages usually help one another, according to a student in an art class. The college’s library, sciences and computer laboratories, theater, canteen, physical education facility, and pool are all available to students.

School Leadership that Works

Instructors, families, and children hold QHSS in high regard when it comes to good educational leadership. Teachers indicate that the administrator conveys a clear vision of the school through coordinating curricular, teaching, and learning resources across grade levels.

At Queens, all of the teachers have three years of classroom experience. Students think their instructors show respect, express clearly what they are supposed to learn, and effectively teach tough topics.

Career learning on themes like resolving conflict, psychiatric aid training, and ways for integrating writing across subjects is offered to educators on a routine basis.

Is QHSS the Right Program for Oneself?

QHSS provides rigorous college education on campus, with a small and tight community. The school’s administration and teaching are excellent, students have a variety of challenging subject choices, and the school values and promotes diversity.

It’s a fantastic option for those interested in mathematics and science careers. Researching courses and chances for students to take part in science investigation are available at York University.

Students who enjoy sports, on either hand, may find limited options at Queens, and more than 40% of students believe that school activities are lacking in variety.

Intensive College Preparation

Learners at QHSS can even work on scientific research projects with a Queens College professor. This professional knowledge not just prepares students for future careers, but also looks well on college and job applications.

Honors classes are required of all students, and QHSS provides a wide range of AP programs, with a 100% AP voter turnout. Psychology, chemistry, computer programming, which were before, Nutrition & Wellness, and other subjects are available through College NOW. Children at Queen are also introduced to a rigorous task, with some claiming 4-5 hrs of homework every night.

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Through a distinct and highly exclusive admissions procedure, students can apply to Queens School of the Sciences of York College. Applicants to eight of the specialized high schools are required to take the Specialty High School Entry Exam. Only about 5,000 slots are available for grade students, and even fewer for entering 10th graders, out of the roughly 25,000 students that take the SHSAT.

Children receive acceptance to school in March of every year. Beginning in 2019, during the primary round, all 8th students will be paired with one specialist institution. The Education secretary will automatically add children to a school if they do not correspond with one of the forms.

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