Opioid Action Plan Working Group (OAPWG)

The Opioid Action Plan Working Group (OAPWG) is chaired by Dr. Jerry Osheroff and co-chaired by Dr. Barry Blumenfeld and includes leaders from diverse organizations with a stake in ensuring that PCCDS is applied broadly and effectively to improve pain management and opioid use.

The OAPWG kicked off in April 2018, and plans to publish a stakeholder-driven action plan in early 2019. This action plan deliverable will have 3 major components:

  1. Highly desirable, consensus PCCDS-enabled Future State Vision Scenarios for PCCDS-enabled pain management/opioid use;
  2. Current activities and resources that could broadly enable these scenarios;
  3. Stakeholder driven actions to make the future state scenarios/PCCDS interventions widely used and highly valuable.

Click here to view the OAPWG charter.

Final Report

The final report of the OAPWG, A Stakeholder-driven Action Plan for Improving Pain Management, Opioid Use, and Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Through Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support was released on March 28, 2019 (also linked below). 

Highlights of the report include:

  • 19 PCCDS tools that support patient care for pain, opioids, and opioid use disorder (OUD)
  • 5 Future Scenarios that illustrate the uses of PCCDS for pain management and opioids
  • 11 stakeholder groups and recommended actions for them to improve care through PCCDS 
  • 4 areas in which PCCDS implementation efforts are already underway

The OAP is a culmination of the efforts and contributions from vendors, patient advocates, providers, and many other experts. We believe you will find the OAP to be a valuable resource that can inform your own PCCDS efforts to manage opioids and OUD as well as partner with others in the ecosystem. We encourage you to share this Action Plan widely with colleagues and through your professional networks.  

Please contact Barry Blumenfeld or Jerry Osheroff if you have questions about the OAPWG. For logistical questions or concerns, contact Beth Laster, for website related concerns contact Laura Marcial.