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Submitted by danny@pcorcds-ln.org on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 12:49

Patient expertise provides a platform for the PCCDS Learning Network to promote the conversation between patients, care partners, clinicians, IT experts, and researchers to move toward an ideal state in CDS. We realize that deep rooted obstacles stand in the way of visioning, let alone reaching an ideal state. We also know that success depends on appreciating the business and workflow of medical practices, the challenges and flow of people's lives, and the technology connections.


Female patient and clinician reviewing a chest x-ray on a tablet
Clinicians and patients are partners in creating and using patient-centered clinical decision support.


With your help and participation, we can select, prioritize, and take meaningful steps in a positive direction. Let's take a step - let's talk.  Join us. Please reach out to me directly at danny@health-hats.com.

NOTE: The opinions and recommendations expressed in this blog are Danny van Leeuwen's and do not represent the opinions of AHRQ, RTI, International, or any other PCCDS Learning Network participants.