A Vision: Inching Toward the Ideal

Submitted by danny@pcorcds-ln.org on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 12:46

Imagining is necessary but not sufficient. Depending on where you sit, the ideal state can seem miles away or insurmountable. I want to get closer to that ideal state without burning myself out. You’re reading this because you care about Informed Decision-Making, Clinical Decision-Making, or Making Health Choices. You are at least ankle deep if not eyeball deep Clinical Decision Support (CDS). So, let’s talk.


Female clinician and patient reviewing EHR record
Using PCCDS, patients and providers discuss and prioritize treatment options.


The Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PCCDS) Learning Network seeks to promote the conversation between patients, care partners, clinicians, IT experts, and researchers to move toward an ideal state in CDS. We realize that deep-rooted obstacles stand in the way of visioning, let alone reaching an ideal state. We also know that success depends on appreciating the business and workflow of medical practices, the challenges and flow of people's lives, and the technology connections. Complicating things further, clinicians and patients and their care partners are diverse characters across the widest possible continuum. Patients’ comfort with their medical surroundings has some but limited relationship to their understanding of medical language and their bodies. Family personalities, dynamics and social circumstances have bewildering variation. Clinicians can range from those who feel, the relationship with my patients is most important to me, to those who feel, just get me through the day, I'm so tired. Likewise, patients and their care partners could range from, I'm driving my own train, to Just tell me.


Female patient and clinician reviewing documentation
Diagnosis and treatment partnerships are the primary goal of PCCDS. 


With your help and participation, we can select, prioritize, and take meaningful steps in a positive direction. Let's take a step – let’s talk.  Do our imaginings ring true? What's missing?  Imagine we can move the dial. What would you do next?

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