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Thoughts about the Annual Meeting - 12-21-2016

Last week the PCCDS-LN held its first annual meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting was primarily targeted at assessing the current state of PCOR-enabled CDS, and most importantly, gathering input on strategies the PCCDS-LN can take to increase the dissemination and use of PCOR-based, patient-centric CDS in the coming year. While we are still analyzing all the great input we received, some themes have started to emerge.

First in most people’s minds, was the need for an entity to aggregate and disseminate information, using a broad array of “push” and “pull” methodologies. While there are excellent sources of information about electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs), quality improvement, and comparative effectiveness research (CER) generally; CDS, and especially PCOR-enabled CDS, tends to get less attention. For us, that means stepping up our level of communication and collaboration, and adding to the methods we already use. It also means pulling a broader array of expert stakeholders into the conversation to explain their perspectives, challenges, and recommendations for positive change. 

Another theme that emerged was a need to be more focused on the “patient-centered” aspect of our work. Many attendees, and particularly the patient advocates in the group, repeatedly pointed out the “clinician” centric nature of most CDS, and the more technically focused among us noted the architectural and design challenges of moving to decision support workflows that go beyond the traditional EHR focus to multisystem scenarios that span sites, settings, and end users. Fortunately, the shift towards more service-oriented architectures, and the emergence of new standards (such as FHIR) that support distributed systems of applets working in concert, will help us move in that direction. Nonetheless, there exists a huge need to reach consensus in the marketplace around minimal standards, and governance of any knowledge bases that emerge, and we believe the PCCDS-LN can assist in these areas.

There were many other excellent points made during the day, and a more formal analysis of these is forthcoming in the New Year, but I wanted to get these observations to you “hot off the press”. Please also note that the agenda and presentations from the meeting are available on this site under the “collaborate>annual conference” tab. So that’s it for now, wishing you all

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