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PCCDS Learning Network Update on 2018 Activities (May)

We are excited to update you on some activities of the Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PCCDS) Learning Network for 2018, so please read below about our new patient blog, the release of the first edition of Better Decisions Together (our open-access, peer reviewed eGEMS-based eJournal focusing on Patient-centered CDS), updates on our working groups for the year, and our ‘save the date’ note for the upcoming annual conference.

Patient Blog: Please check out the Patient Expertise Blog where several posts are up including a new post on “Innovating CMS Value-Based Measure Development.” We welcome your comments (bottom of page)! Several additional writing collaboratives are underway: a trust framework post with Jodyn Platt @ the University of Michigan, a post on measuring patient-centeredness with Katherine Treiman @ RTI International, a post on the principles of patient-centered measurement (slightly different nuance) with Ellen Schultz @ American Institutes for Research, and a post on informed decision-making with family caregivers in the ICU with Judith Tate @ Ohio State University. While these are maturing, we have a post on “The State of the PCCDS-Learning Network to-date and Lessons Learned” in draft now. Onward! 

Better Decisions Together: We are excited to announce the June release of articles from, “Better Decisions Together: Decision Support for Patient-Centered Healthcare,” our special section in the open access e-journal, eGEMs. The section is to highlight the exciting research findings in PCCDS, which marks a convergence of clinical decision support, patient-facing technologies, and improving health. The section is edited by well-known informatics and health services researcher, Dr. Jessica AnckereGEMs articles are to be published on a rolling basis and are indexed in NLM Pubmed Central among other repositories. When looking where to feature your research, consider eGEMs and Better Decisions Together so to reach a wide audience. For further questions contact eGEMs, or Joshua Richardson

Working Groups: The PCCDS Learning Network has three working groups underway to address relevant issues in PCCDS, one is developing a trusted use framework, another is developing an opioid action plan, and a third is working on a technical framework to guide PCCDS development. A brief report on the status of each is included below.

  • The Trusted Use Frameworks Working Group (TFWG) has been underway since February 2018 and has been chartered to propose and disseminate a trust framework for the exchange and use of clinical decision support knowledge artifacts. The TFWG, chaired by Dr. Blackford Middleton and co-chaired by Drs. Jodyn Platt and Joshua Richardson, is a multi-stakeholder group whose efforts will result in a white paper and recommend ways to promote trust of knowledge artifacts in CDS Connect and  CDS knowledge  artifacts generally. For more information, contact Joshua Richardson.
  • This Opioid Action Plan Working Group (OAPWG) chaired by Dr. Jerry Osheroff and co-chaired by Dr. Barry Blumenfeld includes leaders from diverse organizations with a stake in ensuring that PCCDS is applied broadly and effectively to improve pain management and opioid use. The OAPWG kicked off in April 2018, and has drafted 4 PCCDS-enabled pain management scenarios that paint a compelling vision of this future state. After assessing current activities pushing toward this future vision, the WG will develop a stakeholder-driven action plan for broadly implementing the future vision. Contact JAO if you'd like to get involved.
  • The Technical Framework Working Group (TechFWG) will focus on identifying technical barriers and facilitators to implementing the vision set out in the OAPWG. We are currently recruiting volunteers for the work group and plans to launch its activities in May, please sign up if you are interested in participating

Annual Conference: SAVE THE DATE – The PCCDS Learning Network Annual Conference, Leveraging Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support: Addressing the National Opioid Crisis and Beyond, will be held on October 15, 2018 in Crystal City, Virginia. More information on this to follow soon!

Other notes:

  • Dr. Barry Blumenfeld, PI of the Learning Network, published a blog piece on AcademyHealth’s website entitled, “New Area of Research Leverages Clinical Decision Support to Improve Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered Care.” In the posting, he shares his thoughts and observations on PCCDS and how it marks a new phase in the evolving field of clinical decision support. You can access Barry’s post here.
  • Want to determine how to apply computerized decision support (CDS) in the best possible way? Try the GUIDES checklist.  CDS implementation is increasing worldwide. However, despite popular claims, the benefits of CDS vary and are often modest. The GUIDES checklist promotes thoughtful reflection over 16 key factors that affect CDS success.  We believe that it is an important tool to apply CDS in the best possible way. The checklist is available in different formats, including an electronic version that enables CDS implementation teams to complete the checklist efficiently in a group. Use of the checklist is free and open to CDS implementation teams, CDS developers, researchers, funders, educators.   The checklist is based on a systematic review and the views of an international panel of 50 leading experts in the field. Ninety percent of the experts indicated that they intend to use the checklist. We invite you to head over to and look around. You can reach the GUIDES team at We look forward to lots of feedback! The project was headed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

We welcome your input and appreciate your ongoing support for and participation in these activities.

Barry Blumenfeld, MD, Project Director and Principal Investigator PCCDS-LN,

Webinar on PCOR Clinical Decision Support Interoperability Standards Delivered December 21, 2016

On December 21, 2016, Kensaku Kawamoto, MD, PhD, MHS, PCCDS-LN Steering Committee member, led a national webinar presenting an overview of interoperability frameworks for PCOR Clinical decision Support. It included details on (1) sharing knowledge artifacts, (2) sharing patient-specific inferencing capabilities, and (3) sharing EHR-integrated “apps” with decision support. Dr. Kawamoto also described the current state of standards in each of these areas and proposed how the PCCDS-LN should build upon these efforts to enable scalable CDS for PCOR findings. A future webinar in January 2017 will examine the evolution of CDS.  Information on upcoming webinars is available on the PCCDS-LN web site (, and this webinar can be replayed at:

First Webinar Delivered November 1, 2016

On November 1, 2016, Barry Blumenfeld MD MS (Digital Health and Clinical Informatics, eQUA) led a national webinar introducing the PCCDS Learning Network, a 4-year project that launched in April 2016 and is engaging a variety of stakeholders across the U.S. who wish to accelerate the dissemination Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) findings by  incorporating them into Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems in hospital and outpatient clinical settings.   The webinar presented the project aims, preliminary work on an environmental scan, development of a framework for the CDS lifecycle, and a new collaboration web site.  Future webinars in December 2016 and January 2017 will examine standards issues and the evolution of CDS.  Information on upcoming webinars is available on the PCCDS-LN web site (, and the introductory webinar can be replayed at: